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About me

I have developed a deep understanding of how technical advances can create commercial advantage and how the process can be accelerated by bridging the gap between business and technology.

Through clear articulation of complex technical concepts and sensitive issues, I effectively advise and guide strategic thinking of both commercial and technical executives.

My natural leadership style enables me to assemble and lead sizeable technical teams, who are fully aligned to my clients’ objectives. By crafting an environment of positive influence, where individuals listen and speak openly, I motivate teams to achieve agreed business outcomes.

I have extensive experience in cloud governance, automation and security. With my focus on solution excellence, timescale and budget, I am meticulous in creating business roadmaps that truly deliver.

I believe that the most important aspect of being a technology leader is not the technology itself but the ability to build teams, with diverse skills, providing them with an objective that they can be enthusiastic about, empowering them by equipping with appropriate tools and frameworks, and holding them accountable for delivery.

Marcin Pajdzik


Digital Transformation

I specialise in designing technical solutions to build a digital core, transform operations and accelerate revenue growth. I have worked with businesses of different sizes - from building minimum viable products and proof of concepts at start-ups to providing driving force and assurance for enterprise level, multimillion business transformation programmes.

Cloud Computing

Having been involved in cloud projects since 2008, I am well positioned to advise on cloud adoption strategy, migration, governance, security and compliance. I designed and led implementations of a number of large, enterprise level, hybrid cloud solutions. I am industry certified in cloud architecture and security.

DevOps Practices

I advise on DevOps practices to help companies achieve higher level of DevSecOps maturity while ensuring the right balance between agility and security. I organised and chaired DevOps workshops to promote a mature and open engineering culture.

Agile Methodologies

I advise on highly collaborative methodologies that use short developemnt and adapt to stakeholder and customer feedback. My work often involvess combinig these methodologies with traditional IT Service Managemnt methods (ITIL). I am certified in Scrum (Product Owner), SAFe (Scaled Agile) and ITIL4.

Big Data

I advise on applying big data analytics and machine learning to provide businesses with impactful and valuable insights. I have been involved in large big data projects including financial forensics, retail pricing and utility IoT.

Web Applications

With containerisation going mainstream and Kubernetes being widely adopted in enterprise environments, companies increasingly move to decoupled architectures. I help business on their journey towards microservices by advising on the underlying technology and technical approaches.


“… with a sharp focus on business value delivery and an innate ability to communicate at both a very technical level and from a commercial standpoint, Marcin delivered a great ROI and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.”

Tim McOwan
CTO and Head of Application Development, BCA Europe

“… Marcin was the clear and natural servant leader who emulated superior commuication and coaching traits for the rest of the group. He demonstrated remarkable humilty and grace while providing team members with valuable learning tools and key insights.”

Laura Brown
Senior Programme Manager, The Judge Group

“… Marcin has excellent communication skills and strong client facing skills. He can explain very technical matters in a clear and concise way to non-technical people.”

Matt Sheppard
Solutions Manager, Turner Broadcasting Systems

“… I’d highly recommend Marcin to anyone, as his work efficiency is very high and results are excellent. He has a strong ability to apply various technologies to solve complex business problems.”

Paulina Grodzicka
Senior Digital Product Manager, Dennis Publishing

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