I help organisations bridge the gap between business vision and technical implementation. I specialise in cloud computing solutions architecture and security.

My commercial experience in business applications dates back to 1998 and spans across various roles and technology platforms. Coming from a programming background and having experience in DevOps, technical architecture design, cloud security and business consultancy give me an good position to look at applying cloud computing solutions to business problems..

I am based in London, UK but I am available for global engagements.

Marcin Pajdzik

I first started using Amazon Web Services commercially in 2008. Since then I have worked on many projects that involved cloud computing (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform) – from building minimum viable products and proof of concepts at start-ups to participating in enterprise level, multimillion cloud transformation programmes.

“… with a sharp focus on business value delivery and an innate ability to communicate at both a very technical level and from a commercial standpoint, Marcin delivered a great ROI and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.”

Tim McOwan

CTO and Head of Application Development, BCA Europe

“… Marcin has excellent communication skills and strong client facing skills. He can explain very technical matters in a clear and concise way to non-technical people.”

Matt Sheppard

Technical Solutions Manager, Turner Broadcasting Systems

“… I’d highly recommend Marcin to anyone, as his work efficiency if very high and results are excellent. He has a strong ability of applying various technologies to solve complex business cases.”

Paulina Grodzicka

Senior Digital Product Manager, Dennis Publishing

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Who usually hires me:

  • Founders who developed a business vision but have limited knowledge of the technology needed to launch their company.
  • Founders who do not have a strong technology leader complementing their leadership team but want to ensure that their technology team proceed in the right direction.
  • Investors who identified a potential investment opportunity but need someone to perform technical due diligence before they decide whether to invest or not.
  • Executives who want to supplement their own understanding of new technologies with additional knowledge and experience.
  • Executives who work with third party technology providers and need independent, unbiased advice.
  • Business stakeholders who run into technical obstacles or need to deliver a project in a limited time.
  • Business stakeholders who are aware of the 80 / 20 rule and need help with implementing a solution to a problem with the least amount of effort.

What I can help with:

  • Complete a business plan with costs and timelines for development and deployment.
  • Create a technological roadmap with well-considered technological options for transformation programmes.
  • Create a mock-up or a prototype that can be presented to investors and potential business partners.
  • Help attract excellent technical talent and mentor technical teams.
  • Suggest the most appropriate development platform for your business and provide guidance on software development including methodologies, frameworks, architecture and auxiliary systems.
  • Find and qualify technology partners, permanent employees and temporary technical staff.
  • Establish best practices, quality standards, coding conventions, documentation requirements, etc
  • Provide guidance to technical teams on specific technologies or methodologies.

Consulting Start-Up CTO

Helping non-technical start-up founders make the right technological decisions. Get first hour for free. Pay for more with money or equity.

Cloud Engineering

Migration into cloud and new cloud deployments. Think Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud. I am a Certified Cloud Architect and Cloud Security specialist. 

Solutions Architecture

Making sure that there is alignment between the business and IT. Think principles of reuse, standardisation, awareness of innovation, efficiency gains etc.

Road Mapping

Planning organisation’s technological capabilities to ensure they meet its commercial or strategic goals. One week mini product road-maps or long term assignments.

DevOps Consulting

Automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes. Think Continues Integration, Continues Delivery, Infrustrature as Code, Configuration Management, Quality Assurance Automation, etc…

Requirements Analysis

Capturing requirements and translating them into technical terms so that they can be easily turned into technical work packages.

Rapid Prototiping

A working prototype of your project in a matter of days that can be used to gauge the feasibility of your idea. Hands-on approach. Think Lean Start-up,  Minimum Viable Product, 80-20 rule .

Agile Methodologies

Helping teams using agile practices.  I am Scrum certified. Think Scrum, Kanban but also agile techniques such us Behaviour Driven Development.

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