1. Multi Account Architecture – From One to Many: Evolving VPC Design
  2. This is a topic that is well known from previous reinvent conferences. It is especially interesting for large enterprise level organisations looking for the right architecture when consuming public cloud services from AWS. You need to watch it if you are planning to run multiple workloads in AWS.

  3. Big Data Architectural Patterns and Best Practices on AWS
  4. If you are into big data applications, you cannot afford to miss this epic talk by Siva Raghupathy who presents the best practices and architectural patterns for big data on AWS. You will find out how to simplify big data processing and how to choose the right AWS services for your application.

  5. Security Anti-Patterns: Mistakes to Avoid
  6. Security is not something you can take lightly when deploying business applications into any public cloud. This talk showcases patterns that are best avoided but also covers DevSecOps best practices. You will also learn how to leverage native AWS services to meet the strictest enterprise security requirements.

  7. How to Design a Multi-Region Active-Active Architecture
  8. This talks explains what you should consider before deciding on an active-active multi region architecture and the trade-off decisions that you have to make on cost, performance and consistency. You will learn what services you could use and how to deliver an active-active multi region architecture on AWS.

  9. Serverless Architectural Patterns and Best Practices
  10. Serverless architecture is becoming more and more popular. This is due to the obvious benefit: no more provisioning and managing of servers. This session showcases reusable serverless patterns and security best practices. It goes well beyond AWS Lambda.